Alfa 3.0 Eco Line

499,00 kr 799,00 kr


Bag description

The Alfa 3.0 has a unique look and amazing comfort. Its compact and light-weighted. The Alfa 3.0 has a very unique look with the zipper in front of the main compartment, which can be held back behind the discs with magnets on each side.

The main compartment of the Alfa 3.0 holds 18+ discs. An additional 2-3 discs can be stored in the putter pocket in front of the bag, with easy access. It has a top pocket you can fill with extra discs, clothes or other accessories. It also features a large sized water bottle holder and several side pockets for accessories.

This ECO-LINE backpack is made with RPET material.


Bag information

Main disc compartment for 18+ discs.

Top pocket compartment for 5+ discs, extra clothing etc.

Two zippered side pockets for accessories.

Front pocket for easy access.

Water bottle holder.

Made with rPet material.

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